Practice Areas


Commercial Contracts:

AVK Law Office has deep and extensive experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating all types of commercial contracts including, inter alia, engineering and construction contracts, partnership, joint ventures and strategic alliance contracts, loan and mortgage contracts, agency, distribution and brokerage contracts, ship building and ship sale contracts.


Mergers and Acquisitions:

International enterprises? powerful and growing position possession depends on market?s coherence and economical conditions, and to secure these development and growth, solid legal consultancy and representation are needed. M&A?s are some of our law firm?s area of specialization. For secure and effective enterprise, we, as AVK Law Office, provide our clients with strong strategic advises and legal representation.


Banking and Finance:

AVK Law Office provides legal services for the banks and other financial institutions, national and international companies on banking and finance law, including inter alia on loan and leasing agreements, letters of guarantee, debt financing, capital financing, debt collection, bankruptcy and restructure procedures, consistency with by law requirement, sales and purchase of assets, letter of credits, payment against documents, bank letters of guarantees.



AVK Law Office advises brokers, insurers, businesses and finance institutions in the non-life, life and compulsory insurance segments and credit insurance.


Oil and Gas:

AVK Law Office is capable of providing legal services in oil and gas sectors from exploration to decommissioning. Our office advises governmental authorities, industry participants and financial institutions on oil and gas exploration, energy production, sale and purchase agreements, production and share agreements, joint operating agreements, health and safety environmental regulations.


Shipping Law:

AVK Law Office offers legal services in the scope of maritime law. In this context, some of services we provide with are as follows: general average, rescue-aid, trailage, shipwreck lifting and/or rescue, marine pollution, environmental damage, cleaning, demurrage, bill of loading, carriage, ship sales and purchasing contracts, P&I, marine hull insurance and other insurances related to maritime business, ship financing, shipbuilding, mortgage and register procedures.


Real Estate and Construction Law:

There is a great opportunity for investors in the field of construction because of Turkey?s growing population and demand of domicile and office areas. As a specialized law office in real estate and construction law, starting from contractual deliberations and letter of intent phases, we offer diverse legal services on acquiring administrative and regulatory permits, preparation of transaction agreements and building administration plan drafts, and preparation of management and, if necessary, preparation of rental agreements. Also, we offer legal aid services on preparation of construction agreements of many turn-key projects and on interpretation of many international standard agreements (such as FIDIC).



Having deep and extensive experience in litigation arising from different type of business disputes, AVK Law Office offers full range of litigation, arbitration and other dispute resolution services. Our law office gives special importance to assisting its clients in settling disputes amicably between the parties. Furthermore AVK Law Office provides legal assistance in obtaining preliminary injunction relieves and attachments, and in recovering debts through enforcement proceedings.